Soccer and ABC’s

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Conner’s first day of soccer went really well. He LOVED it. I forget to get long socks before we left though, so I need to get some of those today… my bad. Glad he’s having a good experience so far though.
Looks like I’m going to be doing a little preschool for Spencer’s friends. Of course, it’s not me doing it… it’s all of us. Kind of a joyschool type thing, but since it’s only going to be one time a week we didn’t really want to be quite as structured as joyschool was (did joyschool with Conner). Have any of you done a preschool swap type thing? I am kind of thinking it’d be a good thing to have a type of unifying activity at the very beginning where we all sit down and sing the same song at the beginning, talk about our letter of the day and perhaps talk about the weather or something.
Anyway, have you guys done a preschool like this and do you have suggestions?
I should mention I SWORE I’d never do joyschool or anything like it again… but somehow it just seems like Spencer needs something of his own. He’s 6 months older then Conner was in relation to how his birthday falls next to school. Wish me luck. :)

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    Did this. We all met together to layout a schedule of what letter, color, shape on a callendar. We also all brought website addresses’ for sharing ideas. Also, I think each child had their own supplies in a pencil box. Oh and we provided snack as well.

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    Had each kid bring their own supplies: Markers, crayons, pencils, gluestick, scissors, etc.

    We first talked about the day of the week, the weather and the month for a few minutes. We also learned a new letter of the alphabet every week and structured all of our activities around that letter.

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    sounds like fun! Let me know what you do! I’m just going to do little things around the house for Ethan since he’s still too young for anything like that. Thanks for all your advice the other day too. I ordered the brighter vision stuff last week! Yeah!

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    Haven’t done it, but it sounds like fun! I hope it works out for you!

    And YAY for school and soccer! We are doing the same things as you are!

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    I’m doing a preschool/playgroup with Ashton. We chose to have only 4 kids to make it more manageable (meaning that I wouldn’t want to strangle the kids quite as easily!) One mom had a topic schedule that we’re going to use. I’d be happy to email it to you to work off of. Our “beginning time”we decided to include:

    ‘here we are together” song (primary)
    weather chart
    ABC song
    Calendar with stickers to put on that day
    “sunday, monday, tues…” song
    Introduce the letter/color of day

    One mom said that was a great resource. I’d just encourage you to allow for plenty of free play time.
    Good luck!1

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