These KIDS

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I lost it yesterday. I lost everything.
I lost my mind.
I lost my temper.
I lost any hope that the rest of the summer will go OK.
I lost some gas.
I was just SO tired by the time we got the FHE I was a nutcase.
These kids have been together too much, they’re scheming against me.
If I don’t post again, you’ll know they’ve gotten me.
I’m supposed to work this afternoon, it’d be nice to not have to go somewhere and yell for everyone to BE QUIET SO I CAN THINK. Most often, I’m thinking of ways to run away.

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  1. says

    Oh, honey-just wait till those little darlings get to be in their 20’s-that’s when they really get you. Hope you have a good day at work helping bring those little darlin’s into the world. Just got back from Katie’s Dr appoint. She’s doing great! Thanks for being her internet Doula. You were a big help.

    School starts soon!!!!

  2. says

    Sorry – I am stting here giggling at your blog. Why do you still have to be funny when you’ve had it up to here? Yes you are blessed with two boys and they have a knack of working together to annoy the heck out of their moms. They’ll laugh about it when they are 30 and hopefully you will too if they haven’t killed you by then!

  3. Cindy says

    Your post made me laugh. :) Sorry about that, but I’m right there with you. School starts tomorrow for my oldest one and preschool for the youngest one starts in 3 weeks. While I will miss them, I am looking forward to a little quiet time.

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