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Today, while sitting in church I was just so impressed to look around and see so many people trying to do the right thing. I think, perhaps, that is one of my most favorite things about Sunday, although I’ve never really thought about it.
You see the woman, 9 months pregnant trying to keep her other kids in check and trying to gleen just an ounce from the meeting.
You see people fulfilling their callings (in the LDS church most of us have “callings” — aka sunday school teacher, organist, chorister, bishop and none of them are paid), just trying to do their best.
You see people serving others, sharing smiles and meeting new people who need a new friend.
For some of us, trying is just walking in those doors, and that is just about all I can muster some Sundays. And then, other people serve me by being my friend.
I think perhaps that is what strengthens my testimony most of all. To know that everyone is in my boat, we’re all trying to do the right things, all trying to live what we know is true.
As I say to Spencer at least once a day at the dinner table “you’ve gotta just try.”

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  1. says

    SO CUTE! Especially the Bringing handsome back – had to grin at that. And love your post. I really think just trying is the first step down the road to success. so simple(and every step getting there)

  2. Reenie's World says

    I linked to your page from MaryRuths blog, hope you don’t mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “bringing handsome back” page. Above “one tie at a timme” is that a poem, or journaling? I am always looking for cute little boy sayings or poems.

    Just had to comment on your cute page.

    Also, what part of CA are you in? I am originally from Los Angeles, and am not living in UT county.


  3. says

    Wow – good tie pics! Yes I need to remember that when Matt and I have to go to church seperately on Sundays and he is gone one night a week for church band practice. Then I hardly get to catch a sermon because I am serving in the nursery (which the cute babies make it all worth while).

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