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I’m a worrier… I pull my curls, no shocker there.
I’m worried my friend doesn’t like the pictures… and that’s just the drawback of handing off the CD and saying, “I hope you like them.” You never find-out that they really DO like them, that they want a 20X24 to hang in their living room they loved them so much… I must figure-out a way to get more feedback… {sigh} BTW, for those of you who wondered, those were taken at Natural Bridges state park. They had their engagement shoot at that beach and wanted to sort-of re-create it (although mine was at 11 am, and the other one was at Sunset, so I think I have a very different look to mine).
In other news, I’m taking Spencer up to the Stanford Psychology lab. I guess they have a thing where they test kids to figure out how preschoolers learn. I hope I garner a little bit of information from the visit.
If nothing else, it breaks-up our day. :)
Go us.

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    Did I tell you how worried I was about Joel because I couldn’t get a hold of him on Saturday and neither my dad or his parents had heard from him and I knew he was driving up to Provo to pick me up and it was 5 o’clock Utah time and he hadn’t been heard from so I called UHP? Yeah. I don’t worry at all.

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    How could they not like your pictures. Maybe a nice comment card would be an idea that they can mail or e-mail back.

    In the world of making baby to olympic champions skating boots we to always wonder if they like the boots-how do they fit-are they telling their friends they love or hate them? We say NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. We do love it though when skaters send thank you cards saying how much they love their boots. If there’s a problem minor or major they do let us know.

    So sit tight for that wonderful Thank you note you will be getting soon.

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