Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to Work

So, it's back to work with me. I worked one Saturday since school started, but now I'm back for my first weekday shift (and actually, I don't work next week since I have to take my class)... always nervous for how the whole hand-off thing will work. Drew has an extra class this year, so that's made it a little more difficult... but I'm hoping the moola will make it worthwhile.

On a happy note, my friend Janelle's coming in today for her induction. Of course, my fingers are crossed that she's already in labor and she won't have to be induced...

I should have some good quiet time to myself this morning, my neighbors are re-sodding their front yard, and so far there've been 3 big trucks and a bobcat to watch for Spencer. It's definiately nice to have a window just his size he can see the world through.

So, I'm reading "I Don't Know How She Does It" -- have any of you guys read this? Anyway, in it, she's a working mom and one of the wives of one of her associates dies of cancer, and leaves behind this huge list of all the things she does as a mom. So, I'm reading through it and I start to have a panic attack as to what would happen if I die. I mean, I have always made sure that Drew knows the important things but I'm not sure he has a clue how I balance the checkbook, or where the really important files are. Does he know how to drop-off in the morning, does he know how to add vegetables to a meal, does he know that Conner's been counting his fruits and veggies like a hawk since his pediatrician said he should be getting 5 a day (thanks to Dr. Copeland the kid is finally eating a balanced diet -- LOVE her). I mean, I just don't think I COULD write it all down. The funnyt thing is, Drew is more involved then most dads. I have worked since I was 18. I only took a five week maternity leave for Conner and a 2 month one for Spencer and then it was up to him. Granted, now it's only one night a week, but I bet that's more then a lot of husbands do. Anyway, have any of you done this? Part of me feels like I should leave town for a week so just so I can have some peace he can do it all... Of course, part of me just wants to leave town for a week.... I'm sure he's much more competant then I imagine. Right?


  1. First of all, just don't die. But, even if you did, Drew would muddle through. He'd do things differently, and the transition wouldn't be easy. But he'd get it. And so would Joel.

    But, it is amazing to think about all the things I do every day that really don't even occur to Joel.

  2. I agree with Lara, just don't die! But yea, he'd do it his own way and somehow make it work out. I really don't think that a mother CAN be replaced, you know? There's just no way to replace all the small moments that have contributed to how we know all the tiny details about the kids and home. It is exhausting to think about all we do.....I need a nap!

  3. Trevor would do everything a different way then me. I am sooo type A organized and such...he would make it all work, but it would drive me crazy, but then again, I would be dead. Okay, enough about dying.

    Oh-and I am happy for your friend Janelle...that would be awesome to actually KNOW a real live nurse when you deliver! Fun for yourtoo.


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