Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Brady Lunch

New tradition -- eating lunch while watching a tivo'd Brady Bunch... Spencer LOVES it. He asks for it every day.
At first it was just a bit of nostalgia for me, I loved the Brady Bunch as a kid... but now I see it has other benefits. The Brady clan was always big on supporting each other as a family, and even though it's fairly cheesy and has some weird scenarios (aka, Greg stuck in the meat locker) I have really enjoyed talking about how they honor each other as a family.
So, Brady Lunch it is.
Thank goodness for the DVR.


  1. We have season 1 And 2 on DVD. A favorite around here.

  2. Wow...Brady Bunch on DVD???? Where have I been? That sounds like a great idea to TiVo them....loved that show...watched it EVERY DAY!

  3. Very fun! Bria has discovered it on Saturdays and really enjoys watching it.


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