Friday, September 28, 2007


So, lately I'm having an internal game about how much I can save on my groceries. Yesterday I saved 59% (total before coupons and sales was 124, total after was 51). Today I only saved 33% and I am feeling like a total loser (although I bought some hamburger that was marked down since it was yesterday's, so I don't think that showed-up as the sale price.
Anyway, I'm finding a little too much joy when I save over 50% (50% is my goal, when I surpass it I'm just elated).
How do I do it, you might ask?
I rarely buy stuff that is full-price. I shop a local produce store for the things that aren't on a good sale at the grocery store. For everything else I buy a lot when it is on sale (let's not even talk the jubilation when it's on sale WITH a coupon). I want the sale to be at least 50% off before I actually stock-up.... plus I've been using the grocery website on my sidebar, it's helped a lot.
Hopefully it can help you guys too.
I find a lot of women who find a lot of joy in finding clothes on sale, but then go through the grocery store grabbing whatever they need off the shelves -- when it's the weekly grocery store trips that can truly save you the dough!


  1. Sigh. I'm having trouble with this. I mean, at Albertson's the other day I saved 69 dollars and only spent that's really good. BUT, I hate that the type of milk I have to buy is so expensive and also, so many prices went up in my area in the last few months. It's throwing me for a loop.

  2. have you ever checked out
    If you have and decided it's not for you, then is pretty good at matcing sales and coupons.
    If you haven't...OMG!!!!
    you can check out (a blog I set up to describe how the gg works) for details.

    I generally save about 80% on all my shopping.


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