Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Joys of Having a Blog

So, some of my ever-loyal blog readers might remember a former post where a friend from high school googled their name and came across my blog... anyway, he emailed me and it was really fun to find-out where he is in life.

Living in CA that's something that I really miss. I get sad that there isn't a single person here that I can reminice beyond the past 6 years with (besides Drew, but he only goes back 11 years). I totally enjoy catching-up with old friends, finding out what people are doing. Realizing that high school opinions of others were totally off base.

I can never go to high school reunions because they are {shockingly} during marching band season... although, I'm not sure I'd want to go... perhaps I just like the one on one interaction without all the pressure.

Anyway, so if you're an old friend reading this blog please email me. I need more joy in my life. :) Maybe I should post all my friends names, so when they google themselves, they can find me. :)

P.S. Is anyone else weirded out that the Mountain Meadows Massacre and September 11th fall on the same day? Is it just me? I read the Ensign article a couple of days ago and was just shocked. I'm not a girl that believes in coincidences...

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  1. You should go to your reunions and take the kids. Besides, they probably won't have a 15 year...Joel's would have been this year and they didn't have one, unless he wasn't invited. Mine didn't either.

    The Sept 11 thing is interesting. People were calling that movie about it the other 9/11


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