Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jumpin' Back In

Helped out in Conner's class yesterday. Guess who's the room mother.
Yup, you're right.
I never figured myself a room mother, but honestly... it's surprising how few parents volunteer at school. I don't think they realize the impact they can have on their child's classroom. I read a great article in the NEA magazine (Drew gets it, and I just happened to thumb through it during lunch the other day). Anyway, the article talked about how parents don't feel welcome in the classrooms and how other parents can "show them the way." I had never really thought of parents being afraid to go into class. Yes, it's always a little awkward when you don't know the teacher at the beginning, but they are always SO GLAD to see you.
I think some parents think we're just doing work the teachers could be doing. While, this is true this also frees them up to do other things... I can't imagine Conner's teacher taking the time I used to cut-up her laminate (while also spying on my child, I think the byproducts of me being there are just a bonus -- mostly I'm there to see how he's doing, btw-- he's doing really well) to watch TV. I know she does use the time to work on new things for the classroom, etc.
It's definately a pleasure to help a teacher out. I doubt many of us realize how much work there is behind the scenes (much like being a nurse).
So, go help out in your kids classroom today!!! :) You can't even imagine how much your kid will enjoy it. Conner always asks when I'm going to come back next. What age to do you think the novelty wears-off?
In other news, the fire extinguisher fell on Conner's foot. It's a REALLY big one, and I was kinda freakin' out inside when I heard what happened. Thankfully it's just bruising, and we moved the fire extinguisher to a safer locale. Amazing how kids don't break more often.
Heading to the hospital today to pick-up my ACLS study materials.
I wasn't meant to study after having children.
I think it's a rule.


  1. I'm not sure the novelty does wear off if you do it right. I helped out all the way through high school and now PJ's in college. I asked if he needed a chaperone for his upcoming trip to Spain and he said sure come on along mom, but I won't do that to him. Lot's of happy memories and you get to really know the other kids and their families. Plus the teachers really do need the help. It's a great way to sneak in some service and feel like you are part of the solution instead of complaining about the problems of our public schools.

  2. I'm hoping to actually get to help this year in B's class.

    In Kindergarten, they asked that parents not help. So I showed up for a couple special events is all.

    In first grade she only wanted parents there at a certain time which did not work in my schedule.

    I put my name on the list. Hopefully the teacher will call. :)

  3. I would love to help out in the classroom and I have let the teacher know that. However, with a morning job and two other small chilluns, it can make things difficult!

    I applaud your ability to fit it in. Keep up the good work!!

  4. How funny I just volunteered to be a room mother too. I'm not sure if I have competition for the job since I haven't heard back yet. But I won't be too sad if it goes to another Mom because PTA treasurer is enough to fill me up.

  5. Yeah I can't wait to start helping out at school again. I think it get's harder to do that when your kids get older (like in middle school) but I am sure there are other ways to be involved besides volunteering in the class.


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