Saturday, September 22, 2007

Now this is what I'm talkin' about...

Loved Amie's comment on the "Who's the Adult Here" thread -- about letting kids make their own choices under your own guidance.
I do that a LOT. I mean, he gets to make most of his own decisions, with limits. I have 2 kinds of child-friendly cereal, but both of them are what I consider "healthy" (or did when I was in the grocery store a month ago). He gets to pick his clothes out, but I say if he gets to open the short sleeve shirt drawer or the long sleeve shirt drawer.
He gets to decide if he makes his bed or does his responsibility first. I mean, these are the kind of good choices I want him making. Obviously, I can't rule his whole little world... despite how I'd like to try.
Bottom line, we're trying to raise good adults. Good adults make good choices. Currently, there are many adults out there making bad choices. How do you think Lindsay and Brittany were raised?
I also once took a Human Development class at the good ol' BYU where the teacher said, "Never let your child make a decision that you don't believe he can live with the consequences." Aka, don't let them play near a lamp if they can't buy a new one (or live in slavery til' they can). It's a good rule of thumb, I think. Of course, he also gave his kids, once they were 16, full reign of the family checkbook. Interesting priciple, but I don't think I could live with the consequences.
On a sidenote, Brittany... you have kids, do you love them? She just makes me very sad.

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  1. With Chloe the choice conversation goes like this.

    Do you want to eat cereal A or cereal B today?

    I want to eat cookies for breakfast.

    Ad nauseum. Even after reiterating that she will have NO breakfast if it isn't choice A or B.

    But, obviously I do the choice's just become a bit exasperating with her. I think if I asked her if she wanted cookies or brownies for breakfast she'd say she wanted licorice, just to be difficult. :)


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