Monday, September 24, 2007

People are Dumb

Today during my free time I did a TON of stuff around the house, and then I was done with everything I had planned, so i decided to go wash the car, and since it was looking so nice, I decided to wax it too.
That was dumb.
People are dumb though, there are PLENTY of people who go somewhere to get their car detailed and pay to have a gym membership. If they'd only realize that washing and waxing a minivan's just as good as any class they're taking at the gym....
Sadly, I can't lift my arms right now to shake a stern finger at all the dumb people.....


  1. Maybe next time you have a lapse in your intelligence, you could come over and wash and wax my minivan. :)

  2. Yeah my calves are sore right now from the calf press...You don't realize how much you use those calves.


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