Sunday, September 09, 2007


So, I taught the lesson today in Relief Society... it was on reverence. Hard topic, just because it's not something I am the best at... but maybe that's why I ended-up teaching it.
Interesting to hear the varried opinions between you've just gotta go, and you get points just for going to church, people who don't let their kids turn around or have books or anything, at all... ever.
However, that's not what it was about for me. For me, it was about teaching reverence for anything. I think anymore we don't have reverence for anything, marriage, family, God, parents, our elders. It's just sad. So, if anything I want to have more reverence in general in my life. And hopefully that will carry over into my kids shutting their yappers during church.


  1. Even though I'm one of those parents who make my kids face front and don't allow any books or food or whatnot...

    ....I totally agree on the whole reverence issue. Being quiet shows reverence. It isn't reverence. And this world is so chock full of irreverence, we all could use a lesson like yours. :)

  2. Our stake president just asked us to have no food in the chapel...ahhhh!!! Sunday was not reverent at all with Ethan. He kept screaming "nack, nack, nack!!!" He wanted his snacks so bad and we just had to keep taking him out. It was bad! I'm all for some smarties or a few cheerios, if it makes them happy!

  3. You're right on about reverence being more of a quality we possess within, rather than something we do for 3 hours once a week. Glad your lesson went well.


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