Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scam and

First the scam. So, a couple of days ago I get a check for almost 3k $$. I was like WTH!!! It looked just like a real check from the Union Bank of CA. I read the letter, it says we've won a cruise and $25,000 -- and this 3k is for the fees that it will cost us to get the cruise and the rest of the money. It sounds fairly suspect but plausable. So I google around, nothing about the financial institute that the letter is from (Excel Financial Trust). so finally I google the cruise which they call "Intrepid Ocean Linear" -- and I finally find-out the scam. So, I go to depost the check, and immediately I'm supposed to call their coporation. THEN, they ask me to send them 3k in the fees so that they can process my winnings. I, guilible that I am, send them the 3k and then their 3k check bounces, hence -- I'm out 3k. No cruise, no other winnings just crying in my soup. So, just an FYI. BTW, I think this reads like I Actually gave them the 3k. No, I'm not quite that gulible... just worried about people who are....
Secondly, -- LOVE them!!! I mean, I can't even process how much I love them. AMAZING customer service, amazing amounts of fabric at good prices, love that. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I've found a lot of stuff there I couldn't find elsewhere and the prices are better then what I'd find at Joann's.
Crappy, crappy Joanns....


  1. Did you really send them 3k? You should contact 20/20 or 60 minutes!

  2. Ha ha...very glad you did NOT fall prey to that lovely scam.

    Anytime someone gives you money and wants a portion of it wired back, it's a scam. There is no reason to do that otherwise.

    I will have to go to this

  3. So are you supposed to turn that kind of stuff into somebody?

  4. Are you revealing what your Halloween costumes are going to be?????? Thanks for the tip....I'm feeling in the mood to sew.


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