Monday, September 17, 2007

You made me...

Conner's driving me insane lately.
I mean, he's making me really happy lately, but insane as well.
Sure, he's doing great in school, he was fairly un-rowdy at church yesterday but man... the sass.
This morning we had a time-out before school. He hit me because I poured him a bowl of cheerios (I told them if they weren't dressed by 7:40 I was picking their cereal for them)... hence the time-out. Then, he proceeded to scream the entire time how I WAS GOING TO MAKE HIM LATE FOR SCHOOL.
They just don't see how they did it to themselves (or they refuse to see it... either way).
I'm sure God's sitting up there and I'm down here saying "my kids make me so angry" and He's up there thinking... you did this to yourself. You woke-up late, you didn't work-out, you didn't say your prayers with enough thought this morning... there are a million reasons why I could be angry at any given moment.
We had a nice weekend around here though. I ended-up working on Saturday AM (and no, thanks for asking, I didn't treat my patient as though she were my friend -- but I did think more about my actions, my friends aren't crazy -- let's just put it that way), then we went to the Art and Wine festival (or Art and Whine, as in our case), then dinner with good friends.
Hated the Emmy's.... thought the shows they picked weren't as good as the shows they didn't pick.
But, what's new?


  1. Ha ha.

    Bria's fave thing to say is "you made me, she made me, he made me" AUGH!

    Last night she said to me, "Mommy, you're making me feel like I'm going to freak out."

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who had a bad morning. I mean, really, do we really have to have tears in front of the car pool lady because I put your coat on because it was freezing outside????? It was my first day sending him to school on a less than high note....made me feel like crap...and on my bday none the less.


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