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I really liked Sister Beck’s talk (is that her name, the General Relief Society President?). I have always thought that Mormons were bred to be the best moms. My mom showed me how to be a great mom, and I do a lot of what she did, along with other things I’ve learned from other great mom examples I’ve had. However, I never thought it had to do with the church, more of a tradition, but I realized that so many things I do that make me a great mom stem from the church.
I actually got a little emotional when she talked about how great moms make the choice to spend more time with their children and not at work. General conference totally helps me to mold what happens in my family over the next 6 months, and this year was no different.
I also really enjoyed Dallin H. Oak’s talk on prioritization. He seemed to cover SO many good topics in one talk, he definitely got the “hard doctrine” award for me.
BTW, General Conference is held every 6 months in Utah for members of the church. General leaders of the church (the prophet, his counselors, the 12 apostles and the 70’s) speak to us and that’s considered scripture for us to live by. I’m grateful for leaders who are so in tune with our society and what’s troubling the church in general.
Also, the Halloween costumes are almost done, if it wasn’t for a lack of black Velcro they’d be completely done.
Go me.

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