Chastity at its finest

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I’m teaching the Chastity lesson on Sunday….
Everyone finds it amusing that I’m scheduled to teach it. Of course, I was infamous for turning every lesson in YW into a chastity lesson, but that’s neither here or there.
I often see the ill effects of not living the law of chastity so I have a lot of firm viewpoints but I want to hear from my blog readers.
What do you want to hear in a chastity lesson?
Have you already had it? Did anything ring out?
I’ve heard everything from stressing the importance of staying away from sTD’s, to realizing it’s a forgiveable sin and you’re able to move-on.
I’m hoping to give a little something to everyone.
Hilary, making Chastity fun again. :)
P.S. I want to hear from my non-member friends as well. What are your thoughts on chastity?

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  1. says

    I think it’s interesting that we use the word Chastity and not chaste. Do you know the difference? Look it up in the dicitonary. Chastity is a quality or state of being. And it’s not just the letter of the law but the spirit of the law etc…

  2. Anonymous says

    As a Christian, it never seemed a big deal to me until I met my DH, whom I’ve been married to for a little over 8 years. Yes, we were both virgins when we wed, and yes, it was a trial sometimes to remain so when we KNEW we were the one for each other. All of that being said, I’m not sure what convinced me this was important other than my upbringing. Now that I’m on the other side, it means so much more to me. I don’t think kids nowadays get it at all, but I’m not sure that you can really explain it until they’ve experienced it (within marriage). Clear as mud? Sorry, I have no advice other than to wish you well! : )

  3. says

    I taught the Chastity lesson in YW last month. Oh the joy. I turned it into an “understanding the Plan of Salvation helps us understand why we should be chaste” type lesson. It worked really well in YW, but I don’t know how it would fly in YW

  4. says

    We just had the chastity lesson in RS. The teacher was talking about how there is so much smut on TV lately that is making sexuality vulgar and cheap. She said, “Put me on the plains and give me a handcart…that I can do. Keeping this smut out of my home is just getting too hard!”

    It was the way she said it…the message that I got was…”Hey, I could be doing so much more to keep myself pure. Sometime I think since I’m an adult and married, It doesn’t matter as much. But it does.

  5. says

    I had to give that same lesson a couple of weeks ago – oh so fun. I have strong feelings about living the law of chastity (of course ALL for it!) and really tried to teach how it’s not a restriction as much as it is a protection in so many ways. The girls seemed really receptive and it seemed like the spirit was there.

  6. says

    Taught it in YW a few weeks ago. Only three girls in the class, and two of them are the daughters of the guy I told you about who had the affair. It was really awkward for one of them, she didn’t look at me the entire time. The other was very outspoken about it.

    But anyway, your lesson is done and taught by now. I hope it went well. Especially the part we talked about the other day. :)

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