A Computer Fast

Some people want fast computers, and I’ve decided I need a computer fast. Well, not strictly a fast but I’m just so quick to get on when I have a few minutes, I know those minutes could be spent doing something else so I’m limiting it. And this time I’m really going to try. I’m also going to be turning my computer off between computer sessions (I figure 3 10-15 minute sessions to answer emails, check blogs that are actually important to me is more then adequate)… I literally could spend HOURS surfing the net, dreaming about trips to Disneyland. I know there’s got to be better ways of spending my time. Even if it’s figuring out how the dang transformers work with my kids (hate you transformer people).
Anyway, it’s something I’m really going to try — hopefully for the next week or so.
Have you guys ever tried this, and found anything that worked?
I’m addicted, it’s true.
BTW, Elder Oak’s talk in General Conference really hit me… didn’t you guys LOVE his talk?
Oops, timer’s rining, computer off.

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  1. says

    Good for you.

    My compelled computer fast has taught me the same thing..and I’m trying to be better.

    Just have way too many photos to edit though.


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