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Why is it I can totally deal with confrontation if it’s a patient, or a manager at the grocery store, but not if it’s at home or with someone I love?
Deep thoughts,I know — and it assures Drew I am not in love with the groery store manager.
So, today I’m at Lucky and Chewy Granola bars are on sale, Drew eats one almost every morning for breakfast (please forward any thoughts about what a crappy breakfast that is directly to him)… so I’m excited, plus I have a coupon, but they’re not listed that way on the shelves. Of course, a couple other things in the ad aren’t listed that way either. So, I take them up and they ring-up wrong and they explain to me that because my box wasn’t yellow (although it was — just with more words then in the add) that it wasn’t on sale.
Then, after checking with another manager they decided they would give it to me for the price. However, when I asked them about their policy of giving one for free if it didn’t come-up as advertised (yes, all of the grocery stores that I go to around here do that) — they said they were only doing it as a courtesy for me, not because it was supposed to be on sale.
So, I don’t mind one iota standing up to the grocery store manager… but I get so nervous about other things.
Maybe I should just picture everyone as a grocery store manager.
Think that’ll work?

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  1. eliza says

    I am totally the opposite. I have such a hard time making a stand to a stranger, and then I’ll complain about it to Brent or whomever. I’ll get upset and say “what I should’ve said”, but I never do.

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