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So, Miranda and I were on our regularly-scheduled walk today, on one of the many river-walks our community has to offer. I feel like something weird’s on the stroller wheels, I stop to kind of shake the stoller to get-off any errant gravel. I feel like something’s under my shoe, most likely a piece of rope or something my eyes gaze downward.
OMG, it’s a snake.
A tiny snake, most likely smaller then the piece of rope I was envisioning under my shoe, but this thing is wiggling like crazy. I started screaming, I (forethought of taking my stroller with me is admirable, don’t you think?) run away screaming and doing the freaking out dance while Miranda watches (most likely with tears running down her face while watching me dance). She checked, it was just a water snake, and it was able to slither itself away even after 100 pounds of me was on top of it.
If I was so grossed out that I’m still nauseated just thinking about it, I’d be impressed with its will to survive.
BTW, no, I didn’t hide my nasty freak-out from Spencer — who I am sure, will be scarred for life.
No biggie, right?

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    Hehehe…not the snake part (that was super gross….made me cringe), but the running away freak-out part. It’s exactly what I would do. In fact I saw a mouse one year around Christmas and I ran out of the house screaming to the backyard into the snow and left my new baby in the house with the errant mouse! How nice was THAT! Dallin and our foreign exchange student were left to pound it dead with a broom before it got the baby! Retard!

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    I would have faaaaareaked out too!! I hate snakes and had a few incounters myself. Did I tell you about have a little mouse in our cabin at camp this year? Yes! all three of FEARLESS camp directors jumped up on our beds and started screaming and I would say doing the freaking dance too! It’s just natural-but when one started screaming we all started screaming-when others came in to see what was wrong more ladies started screaming. I look back and think we must have looked so silly! I can’t believe I got back on the floor that night in my sleeping bag and fell asleep. Camp just wears you out so much I guess I can sleep no matter what. Although the next nigth it did cross my mind where that little critter was?!

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    Yikes!! How bizarre. Wasn’t it probably dead already from it’s ride on the stroller wheel? They wiggle after their dead even – just to add to the creepiness!

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