Happy Halloween my peeps!

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Although, I’m sure most of you came to my blog to see if I’m ALRIGHT after the BIG EARTHQUAKE last night. Well, I’ll tell you it was pretty scary. Pretty DANG scary, in fact.
My mom and I happened to be in the 2nd largest Macy’s west of the Mississippi — in the basement. It was like the whole room was shaking, hard since the clothes were totally moving. My mom and I started for the escalator, manequins fell and when we got upstairs there were cosmetics on the floor, thankfully we were able to get out fast and OUT of the parking garage. I was able to get a hold of Drew right after the quake (I think my cell phone was in my hand) but then the phone systems seemed to go down for a while afterwards. Just a reminder that you need an outside contact. My mom was able to get hold of my dad but we couldn’t get to Drew at all (we didn’t try once we were home, but I hear the networks were down for about 1/2 an hour).
Funny story, Drew was home with the kids (thankfully it would’ve been more scared if they were with us and we had to haul them all out). Anyway, he stood on the bathroom doorway while it was occuring, and then he went in the kid’s room. Conner’s first response “It wan’t me!” Funny.
So, just a reminder about what’s really spooky out there, and it doesn’t have to do with cobwebs, if you catch my drift!

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    I haven’t watched the news in 2 days so I hadn’t heard about it until now. I’m glad to hear you are all okay.
    And your costumes look so awesome! Seriously FUN!!!

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