It Only Takes a Spark

Did you ever sing that song around the campfire at girls camp?
“It only takes a spark, to get a fire going…” (la, la, la — I can only remember one line).
However, my spark moment has occured.
I am about to impart to you some seriously sad news, I love America’s Next Top Model. I LOVE to watch the shoots, and see how they pose them and all that jazz. LOVE that. Not so in love with the Caddy girls, and I REALLY hated how the girls were always smoking. Tyra always holds herself up as a beacon of love, kindess and a tiny Oprah. Yet, on her show the girls are smoking like it’s a form of life support. Of course, they’re all super skinny (and guess how one GETS super skinny… I’ll give you 3 guesses).
So, last year I wrote the network an email stating my views and asking for a smoking-free house.
What do I get this year? An anti-smoking ad campaign and a smoke-free house.
I am sure other people wrote in, but I know I did, and I inflicted change.
Check me out. :)
P.S. Did watercolors with the boys today. I’m uber fun.

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  1. miranda says

    I watched that episode and thought about you, because I remember your comment about it. Give it up for no smoking…

  2. says

    That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it….

    And that’s the only other line I can think of.

    Good for you. Change inflicter, you.