A Lifetime of Blessings

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Last night, I only ended-up working 4.5 hours of my 8 hour shift and some of my other peeps got cancelled too so we all headed to the Nordstrom’s bistro for dinner. HELLO, YUMMY!! Has anyone else been there. I’d had a couple of friends say how good it is but they weren’t quite emphatic enough. :)
Anyway, we had a great night, I haven’t worked a lot lately so they filled me in on the latest happenings at work. They are actually taking out nurses who aren’t doing their jobs. Ones that we’ve had issues with since I started and now they’re putting them in other places where they’ll be, most likely, happier. ūüėČ At least we’ll be happier. Anyway, I’ve been at that hospital now for just about 3 years and I’ve had around 6 managers I think. It’s nice to see some action…. Plus, it was nice to hear about my friends lives. I rarely hang-out with the people I work with. Our lives are so busy with other friends it’s something I was happy to do, and need to do more often.
On the way home I was just feeling so blessed in my life. Spencer’s had a really croupy cough so I was wanting to get home early just in case he had a bad night, but I was still able to get out and be a normal person for an evening. It’s just amazing that Heavenly Father always gives us what we need. It might not seem like it at the time but we are always blessed. Every. Single. Time.
P.S. The peeps at work LOVE my pictures, tons of people asking for cards. Of course,
I forgot to hand them out as I was leaving… but still a nice feeling regardless. :)

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