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Found this link on one of the blogs I read. Interesting read on reverance. Not really sure if it’s about being reverant, or obedient. It’s actually fairly close to what we do (although we allow each child a book during the meeting, since neither one is much into coloring — but I think Conner’s book will stop next year).
Anyway, some interesting points in there. And it’s long, so be comfie before you start reading.
BTW, I completely disagree with the father part. If your parenting skills are this bad, the mom needs to practice. I, in my opnion, am better at taking the kids out then Drew — but that’s just me. :)

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    Confinement sounds so funny. :)

    I agree with most of what he says. So many parents these days look at that as being so harsh. In Sacrament meeting today I was just amazed at how many kids were allowed to just wander or crawl on the floor and such.

    You know my rules, and I think they work. I do let the baby have food. I’m not really sure when I’ll stop that…I stopped with the others around age 2.

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