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Last night I watched Catch and Release. It might be that I’m ultra-sensitive since I taught that Chastity lesson, but I ended-up fast forwarding through several minutes of the movie… I thought the movie was OK. I didn’t like that she fell in love with her fiance’s best friend just days after her fiance died, but whatev.
However, I’m wondering if there really are movies out there that I’d like the whole thing anymore? I didn’t really like Dream Girls (sorry Lara, tis’ true). It seemed like when I was in high school I absolutely loved almost every movie I saw (and being that we lived not far from a dollar theater, I saw a fair number).
So, has anyone seen anything lately I can add to my blockbuster que? I think Blades of Glory is up next.
Anyone seen anything lately I should take OFF my que?
Is that even how you spell que?

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  1. says

    Okay, just so you know, Joel and I saw Blades of Glory in the theater. While it was hilarious, we also felt like it was extremely crass, and kind of wish we hadn’t seen it. Based on what you wrote, I’m guessing you won’t like the whole thing, or even most of it. Really, the hilarity is all dirty jokes. We were disappointed to see that Jon Heder would participate in something like that…even though his role itself was fairly clean.

    And, since you asked, it’s spelled queue.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m pretty much a movie snob. I don’t like gratuitous violence or really any sex at all (only implied and if they’re married). I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate crude humor. I guess that means I generally don’t watch new movies, and that’s pretty much true. DH and I sort of have a standing rule that we watch nothing “over” PG. I know, we’re adults, but usually the over PG rating means lots of cursing, and we just can’t stomach it. Anyway, I know that doesn’t help, but I thought I’d throw out the website where you can see what all the bad parts of the movie are before watching it. Warning: often, the reviews contain spoilers. HTH!


  3. says

    Blades of Glory… not a fan… it was ok but it was crude. And I feel like John Heder has sold his soul to the devil… ok not really but I feel like he has a higher standard to uphold and Will Ferrell is not a higher standard.

    It also could be that I was on the plane flying to Hawaii when I saw it and I was super tired… but I just didn’t love it.

    Do you guys have a clear play?? It edits your movies while you’re watching them. My parents have one and I love it!

  4. says

    From the talk here at school about Blades of Glory, I don’t know it’s one I would recommend seeing. We haven’t seen it based on what we heard.

    No Reservations is a movie we really enjoyed. Because I Said So is another that we really liked. And In Her Shoes.

    I think it’s really hard to find a good movie these days!

  5. says

    Knowing you-I wouldn’t suggest watching Blades of Glory. The guys addicted to sex-not a chaste story line. Yes-I saw it and watched every minute down to the credits. That’s because we made the ice skating boots for many of the skaters in the movie. I had been asking about the show for quite a while.

    When we were in So CA we met Will F. He spoke very quiet and gently. He was super polite and so appreciative of his new custom skating boots that were made just for him. He was not loud or joking at at. I asked him at that time if I could take my grandsons to the movie [they loved Will as Buddy in Elf] and he said no. I know a lot of people won’t watch any Will F movies becuase they are many times crude. [look at the You Tube with the little girl] But it’s those kinds of things that make us laugh. B of G did have some really funny parts and I really laughed [I need all the laughing I can get these days]It did bother me though sitting there watching knowing that it was portraying all of the things that I don’t stand for.I wonder if a Cleaned Up version will come out on DVD. If so it would be pretty funny to watch.

    For now I pretty much see all the kiddie shows with the grandsons. They are my movie buddies.

  6. says

    I’m pretty much with your friend Amy. We’ve never watched R’s, rarely watch pg13s, and really we hardly go to the movie theater at all (even though Troy’s brother has ownership in one and we can go for free) because these days it’s almost all garbage. And even the movies that look pretty good still often portray immorality as acceptable, or the value they teach are low, etc. So in our home we only own PG or G movies and we try to keep what we watch on tv the same standards (we’re pretty much just watching The Biggest Loser, the news, and kid shows these days, lol). I really believe in trying as hard as we can to keep entertainment and media of a lower standard out of our homes and out of our minds.

  7. says

    I would pass on blades of glory, not worth the time it ws a little crude and was supprised that what’s his name was in it. Since he said he would never do nudity or swear which he pretty much did both if you ask me, in his underwear and saying what the world deems as non swear words. Anyway I watched about maybe twenty minutes.

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