A New Little Pope

My brother had his baby last night, all I know is she has an adorable name…. and a tiny body to go with it. :) All is well, at least that’s the word on the street.
So, it’s their third girl. I’m completely at a loss at what to give…. anyone have any baby stuff they love. My SIL introduced me to Robeez, so that’s out…. my mom has given both of us Sandra Boynton books, so she’s out. She’s too far away for pictures, so that’s out.
I’m always so nervous when friends/family are in labor. I picture all the bad things that can happen. I picture problems with the baby.
I am always so thankful to hear good news. It’s a miracle that babies are ever perfect.
Truly, a miracle.
Welcome Ms. Delaney… I hope I spelled your name right.

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  1. says

    I’d still go with the Robeez….I mean, you know she loves them. Just get a pair you think she’d like, that you don’t think she already has.

    Sophie wears hers just about daily, btw. :)