Role Reversal

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I know I’ve talked about role reversals on here before, but it’s happening again in our house, and it’s not me and Drew.
Spencer is becoming a naughty little thing lately. I’m not sure if it’s because we were both sick last week and I was pretty lax on parenting, but MAN he’s into mischief all the time now, all of the sudden.
I must admit I’m used to Conner being the one into stuff, but man — 7 is just a great age. He really is working to be a good kid, I really appreciate that.
3, on the other hand. Well, I know, you’ve all been there.
I’m so used to yelling out Conner’s name when I hear something crash, and now it’s not him. I feel bad.
So, marshall law’s in force here around ranch Erickson. Good luck gentle townspeople.

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