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I don’t know if any of you noticed this about me, but I used to be a very obsessed scrapbooker. I knew everything about the industry, I consistantly submitted to magazines, I had layoust published… all that jazz. But, then I had a few run-ins with the “industry”. I realized that an industry in which I found so much pleasure was just an industry, like any other industry. They were out to make money, not to advance the cause of keeping family histories (although they pretend to do that while making money — much like how Kaiser tries to advance the cause of being healthy while also making money, but Kaiser is a whole other entry…). I think that realization took a lot of the fun out of it for me, until just recently. I have flipped through the books with Spencer and he has had so much joy in it, and it was obvious that he is not an industry. He thoroughly enjoys flipping through the books, feeling the texture of the chipboard, buttons and ribbons. More he enjoys seeing himself grow up, and remembering the good times that our family has had.

So, I’m back to scrapbooking, and really enjoying it. I no longer know who produces every little line. I do know that it’s fun to walk down a paper isle and pick out patterns that pleasing to me, and I know will fit-in with our family. I don’t need to feel obligated to use flowers more often, or the color pink. I don’t need to worry about using all the newest things so a magazine will notice me. For, I find those magazines to be fairly dishonest at times and I’m not sure I would want my family’s history associated with them anyway.

BUT, what I’ve also realized is that digital scrapbooking most definately has a place in my heart. So often I take a LOT of photos and have a hard time getting them all on a page, and that — my friends — is a place where digital scrapbooking can be a good neighbor. So, here’s a couple of pages I made for things our family did this summer. Then, I just printed them at Costco (8X10’s are only 2 bucks at Costco) and will glue them on some cardstock for stability and throw them in my albums. Anyway, just learning how to make scrapbooking work for me now, that my views have changed. I really feel it’s important, and that I can do it. Do any of you have favorite digital stores? It might be fun to have a few more items (although 2P’s does a free kit every month — I highly recommend those).

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    I had similar feelings as well in the past – getting burned out on trying to create pages that would get published. So now I scrapbook a whole lot less (trying to increase that though) and don’t worry about how publishable it is (since I don’t submit anymore) and I definitely enjoy it more. I haven’t tried digital yet, but want to soon. Yours look great!

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    I have never really cared about the product lines and trends and such (unless I really like something…then I try to find it) I just have always done what I want. Funny enough, the pages I have made for ME and my creative outlet are the ones that get picked up. Never the ones I try to do just for publishing, so I just don’t try anymore.

    Yes, it is an industry that is concerned with making a buck or two. But, I do think that many of the people high up within the industry really do care about the hobby and they are just lucky enough to have a job doing what they love and teaching others about it. I think there are certainly plenty taht are in it just for the money.

    Digital Scrapbooking: Doubt I’ll go there….ever. But, Never say never I guess. :)

    I see a lot of Katie Pertiet and Designer Digitals freebies in the mags, btw.

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    I agree with a lot of what you said, but I’ve never been published, so it’s still something I hope to do at least once. Actually, I won 2nd place in a LO contest at a convention a few weekends ago, and my LO is supposed to be published in Scrapbooking & Beyond in the spring, so maybe I’m about to have my first pubbed LO. Anyway, I try to just do what I wan to do, anyway, but make it “better” than I usually do it–more exact, etc. Make sense? I love your digi LOs, but I’ve avoided it myself thus far. I think I’m afraid I’ll want to go digi all the way, and I don’t want to think about giving up my paper stash, not to mention the money that would be down the tubes if I did it. Well, gotta run–it’s naptime and time for me to shower. : )


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    I’ve never felt any need for anyone to see a layout of mine…aside from kids, hubby, sisters etc. I’ve always just done it for me and it’s always filled that creative space/outlet that I crave. I’m glad it is bringing joy to you again….and to your kiddies.

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    Can I just say you inspire me. When I grow YOUNG I want to be like you. You’re a very talented lady. Your children/family are so lucky to have wonderful pages to look through and what stories they’ll have to tell your grandchildren someday.

    Once again in my life I have been collectin Dgital scrapbooking stuff. Photo Elements, books, programs. Have I done anything-you know me nada! zippo! You know my life but keep posting and sharing your ideas because I just might do a page someday.

    BTW-Your Chasity lesson was great. You have the guts to say it how it is. [So did Spencer W Kimball]

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    Ya, after working in the industry for five years I’m a bit jaded :) Scrapbookers are not all nice and sweet like I thought they were but that’s a different story for a different day.

    I’ve been dabbling in Digital for a couple of months now. And while I’ll always love paper, digital is a great friend.

    My favorite designers are very clean and classic. love her kits and her quick fill pages!

    Cute fun stuff and she has sales regulary

    and then occassionally I buy from

    she also has a bunch of free kits here…

    anyway good luck. can’t wait to see your digital stuff!

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