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I really think they should split our state in two. The Carolinas and the Dakotas did it….
Anyway, I’m completely devastated for the people in So. Cal. It’s AWFUL. I absolutely abhore watching them all on TV going back to their burned homes though. I wish they’d stop showing it. I can’t imagine who it’s good for.
So, I really think it’s time to copy the right papers and get them in our 72 hour kits. However, on Sunday they were saying that there’s no reason to copy birth certificates because they’re not certified, which makes sense, but I don’t think I’m gonna take all the effort to get certified copies right now.
So, tell me — what have you made copies of… what should I be including?
So far I’m thinking

  1. Homeowners and car insurance
  2. Mortgage papers
  3. Birth certificates for all 4 of us.
  4. Account #’s and telephone number of credit card companies
  5. Important phone numbers (just in case I can’t remember my mom’s).

The other thing, it seems like I heard if you copy something at Office Max they still have a record of what you’ve copied.

Tell me I’m paranoid. :)

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  1. says

    You’re paranoid. :)

    But it’s excellent to be so prepared. If my Grandma had had all that stuff in her car, things would be a lot better for her than they are now.

  2. says

    Shot records and any other very importnat medical information. I can’t tell you how often in the past few years that I’ve needed my shot records, but my mom has lost them in one of her MANY moves and there are no copies anywhere. Grrrr.

    Oh, and I heard recently that if you have any prescriptions, you should see if you can get at least a week’s supply (preferably a month’s supply) for your 72 hour kit. Seems like a good idea to me!!

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