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Spencer has gone up and done 2 studies at the Stanford Learning lab on Stanford campus. Today, they asked me to put the word out that they are looking for more families to come and participate in their studies.
I have really liked it, it’s interesting to see to how he interacts with the adults and showing what he knows. I am aware that it’s a bit of a drive but since it’s only every 3-4 months it’s worth it — and you can always say you’re not interested in doing a study right now.
So, if you’re interested you can visit — to get more info.
Today Spencer was putting small items in containers. So, they’d say can you put 5 in this box. He could do 1-4, anything more then that he was just throwing them all in. Very interesting since we do stuff like this at home together, but usually I’m hinting and helping.
Anyway, it always gives me ideas of things to work on at home…

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