Brit tagged me… although I am not sure there is anything my blog readers DON’T already know about me. Here I go.
6 things people don’t know about me:
1. My Kindergarten teacher was murdered.
2. I did virtually every job (custodial, cooking, baking, dishwashing, special events coordinator)at the Cannon center before entering the luxurious world of nursing.
3. I almost got kicked out of nursing school (that teacher no longer works for BYU… shocking, but true). My teacher didn’t feel my work was up snuff for someone who was the daughter of the dean (it was actually that last part that my father took um bridge with and wrote a little letter to the college of nursing).
4. I have played Hail to the Chief for the former President Bush.
5. I sewed 2 left legs to some pants in high school, and swore I would never sew again.
6. I am obsessed with locking my car (possibly tied into number one? You be the judge.)

Yup yup, I don’t think many of you knew most of those things. :)

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  1. says

    Gees man- those are some shocking facts!! I have a Bush fact too – I was the current Bush’s president’s daughters camp counselor when they were 5!

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