Cape Fear

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Today’s favorite toy is a simple one. I made Conner 2 capes for his 5th birthday and MAN are they well-loved. Thankfully I made two, and I made them with velcro closure becuase both of them can play now, and they both can do them on their own.
I did one as a two-sided cape, one side is spiderman and the other side is star wars. They’re just the crappy character material you buy at Joann’s. So, that one did require some sewing. HOWEVER, I also made a black fleece cape, which, although less stable, woudln’t require any sewing. I did, however sew some twill tape in at the neck to make it so it wouldn’t stretch-out. I also sewed the velcro on. I guess you could use the sticky kind, but I’m not sure how well it would stick to the fuzzy fleece.
Anyway, simple dress-ups that can be used to be many things (sometimes we’re villans, sometimes we’re magicians, sometimes we’re harry Potter) are always a good thing to have around.
In other news, it’s my turn for ABC school today. I always think it’s so great til’ it’s my day. Although I always get through it, and I usually have a good time as well. It’s J day and we’re making jello, heaven help us.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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