Christmas and Fatness…

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Bts sale 2015 long skinny

First off, did a GREAT Christmas craft with the kiddos yesterday. Truly proud of this one people. We took jingle bells (on sale this week at Michael’s for 2.99 — I’m wondering if you could get a GIANT bag of them and make a big one from someone like Oriental Trading Co.), strung them on wire and then twisted the ends together to make a circle. I hot glued that twisted part to make sure it all stuck (also hot glued the last jingle bell in its place so it wouldn’t shift around. Then, I twisted the ribbon (both on sale at Michael’s this week for 99 cents) around the ugly hot glued part, and tied a bow. Before tying the bow I hot glued the little wire ribbon pieces which we later curly-Q’d on a pencil. Then, after tying the bow (and get it to look pretty-much the way you want it to look) I looped more ribbon around it and made a hanger. Anyway, the kids LOVED it. They both had a great time stringing jingle bells on the wire (you need to use a heavier gauge wire, I used two strands for Spencers, but Conner had some smaller jingle bells that wouldn’t fit on 2 strands, so his is only one, and it is a little less stable, but it’s easy enough to just pop it into the position you want). They also loved twisting the ribbon on the pencil to make the curly Q’s. I am feeling very fancy with these on our doors. FYI, Spencer’s is on the left, and Conner’s is on the right. They strung them all by themselves (and I had to restrain Conner from making a pattern out of his).

THEN, last night I went to Layne Bryant to use my Layne Bryant bucks, I wanted to get another pair of their jeans. So, I tried a few on, found the pair I want (because they all vary, quite a bit) took it to the register and tried to ring-up. Found-out I had to spend FIFTY to use the bucks (which I also had to spend fifty to even get), so my friend Shery and I spent a good half an hour trying to find SOMETHING in the store that I might like, I wanted another long sleeved top. No avail my ladies. I swear everything in that store is for those with a VERY large chest AND they like to bedazzle everything within an inch of their lives. Finally found your basic V-neck in a nice shade of purple, and was HAPPY to leave the store.
But, Layne Bryant here’s a clue for you.
FAT PEOPLE JUST WANT TO LOOK LIKE REGULAR PEOPLE. WE don’t want to show our chests off (and some people aren’t lucky enough to have their fat deposited there), we don’t want to wear gold lame or tiger prints when we drop our kids off at school (or, frankly anywhere). I swear, if someone would figure this particular principle out, they’d probably make a mint.
Anyway, thanks to Shery for sticking it out with me. She was a great shopping pal. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Love the Christmas craft! I remember making those when I was in YW, actually. At least something very close.

    And shopping is just plain annoying anyway. I promise, it’s not just Lane Bryant that thinks everything needs to be all sparkly and such. I admit, I have a couple sequined out t-shirts, but I can only deal with a couple. Normal is good, thank you. :)

  2. says

    Great wreaths, Hilary. I’m thinking I should hold off on something this tedious, though, since my girls are only 3 1/2 and 2. : 0 I agree with you about finding normal plus sized clothing. While I shop on the larger end of the misses’ department, I get you totally, especially on the cleavage part. I don’t have much (and much less than I began with after nursing for 26 months) and I really don’t want to flaunt it. Sometimes I have NO IDEA how to wear some of the fashions I see out there. I usually end up with turtlenecks in the winter and simple high-cut v-necks or round-neck tees in the summer.

  3. says

    LOL! Every time I go to the plus size section I think to myself… just because I’m a plus size does NOT mean I want to wear a disney character on my shirt…

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