It’s Dark out at 3:30….

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That’s right, I trudged to Mervyn’s this AM at 3:30, and a small part of me wonders why I don’t get up that early every day to get stuff done. But, get my 10 dollar gift card I did, and I am pretty-much done with Christmas Shopping HORRAY. We hit Mervyns, Toys R Us and Target before 6:30, then we had breakfast at I-HOP and now I just baked an apple pie.
However, I’m fairly sure it’s time for a nap now.
Just know that I got some deals, and more importantly I was able to shop with a friend and child-free.

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    Yay for you! We didn’t do any doorbusters because NOTHING was worth getting up for us. Just not the right stuff on sale. Sigh. But, got a fair amount done between 10 and 5. :)

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    Hey Hilly, I was right there with you , except I was in Oregon and I went to JCPenney’s and Kohl’s. Oh the insane things we will do to save a buck or two. My experience here in OR. with the “day after” sales was quite different then when I was in UT. Have you noticed a difference there?

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    Hey, I was at Mervyns too – in Utah valley. I missed out on the gift card though because I didn’t get there until 20 after. oh well. Then it was on to Joanns and Roberts.

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