The Osmonds

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Can’t believe I didn’t put the final finish in my Osmond entry.
Yes, I watched the Oprah show, and it was just another instance that I am in LOVE with my DVR. I rewinded the part where they show the family, it was fun to see the kids I went to HS with… and frankly, I think we’re all aware that’s as close to the Oprah show that I’m ever gonna get (unless my blurb blog book gets big press, which I doubt).

Today I saw Marie on the Today show, it was really sad. I guess her son’s in rehab, and Larry King pulled that out without her prior knowledge. She is a tough woman with a tough life. I admire her perseverance, because as we Mormons know, it’s about pushing through all this life’s stuff to make it to the next one. I am just as apt to judge her as anyone else but I hope I’ll bar my tongue next time I think her dress is a tad slutty on Dancing with the Stars, or I hear someone saw her in the celestial room… She’s trying just like the rest of us, at least we don’t have Larry King pulling up our dirt in front of us.

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    I felt bad for her too when I saw the look on her face when Larry asked her about the son. But then again, why go on Larry King if you want to keep things private? However, I am a fan of Marie and I think she seems to be doing the best with what she has in life and still tries to set a positive example to the world.

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    I didn’t see the show but heard a clip on the Don Blue radio show on the way to work. I could just hear her voice-Later I read the transcript. Pretty rotten of LK I wonder if this puts a damper on their friendship.

    But Marie reminds me that she’s human like all the rest of us. No one is exempt from Tragedy & Trials.

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