This just shows I need a life…

This Friday, on Oprah:
Reunion of over 100 Osmond families.
Just read that on my DVR, and I’m absolutely giddy about the show.
Called my friend Becky, because I figure everyone in Utah must know about 5 Osmonds.
Turns out she doesn’t…
Anyway, I’ve calmed down, I’m not living my whole week just to see the show, but it’s close.
Sad, but true tales from the life of Hilary. :)
And now I’m off to clean the shelf above my sink…
Uh huh, also true.

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  1. says

    Wow. I know at least 5 Osmonds. Definitely. Would be fun to see them on Oprah….if I could find them in the crowd.

    And now I’m off to clean laundry. :)

  2. says

    My husband confessed to me last week that he sent a letter to Maria Osmond when he was little asking her to marry him!