Sunday, November 18, 2007

Toys We Love

Today as we were playing our family game (we try and plan one family game every Sunday), I realized that there are just SOME toys that we have that our kids just LOVE, and we love them too. So I thought I'd post a few of them this week, in case you have grandmas that are wanting to buy your kids gifts, or if you're stumped yourself.

Anyway, today's game is Whoonu. It's actually the one we were playing today. There's a stack of cards, and you have to pick the cards out of your stack that you think a certain person will like the most. I just read Spencer's aloud to him, and he picks his own (although it's not a surprise to the person who we're ranking them for). It's interesting to see what he thinks I like the most.

Anyway, it'd be interesting to see your families love as well, so I tag everyone to put their top 5 favorite toys/games on their blogs. :) I'll try and figure out 4 more for the week as well. '
And a layout for the record books. Not only am I totally using my stash (hello letter beads and fibers) but this is the beginning of album #21. Go me.


  1. The girls favorite games are Strawberry Shortcake and High School Musical. Im' thinking neither of those would be a hit at your house. :)

    Also, forgot to say that they "adult" stockings look awesome!! :)

  2. I'm totally coveting those muppet babies. Eden love's his stomp rocket. Sydni is into mancala and Maya goes with whatever.


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