Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update Wednesday

Been feeling the need to update a few things I'm not sure I ever talked about. This blog's been getting BO-ring, so it's time to spice it up:
Thumb Sucking -- I believe I talked about our magical bandaid already. To recap, we went to the store and bought some of those cool tatoo bandaids (I believe they stay on longer, but most any bandaid would do I believe)... put one on twice a day for about a week and voila, the kid's no longer a thumbsucker. He also didn't take naps for about 3 months but now we seem to be easing into a pattern of a couple of naps a week. If I knew it was going to be this easy, I might have let it continue longer.
Second Grade -- LOVING it. We have a loop teacher this year. For those of you without kids in school, that means Conner had a teacher last year, and then she looped up with the same kids this year. However, since he was in a 1/2 combo last year we got half a new class so it seems like we got the best of all worlds, having new friends and a techer who already knows where Conner is at and whom we adore. Conner just seems to be moving along at warp speed... dang him.
ABC School What started as traumatic has turned into a really great thing. We now have 5 kids and do it once a week. Even when I do it I'm not overhwhelmed with children-ness... Spencer is having a GREAT time with all of it. It's nice to have something of his own, a good transition into preschool for next year. I also really appreciate how he's forming bonds with the children his age at church. It's good to have those as our starter friends.

As a sign-off, I'd like to point you to my friend Lara's blog: Overstuffed, her entry today is SO DANG FUNNY. She IM'd me about it last night and I was crying I was laughing so hard. I mean, imagine if it hadn't gone this way.... {sigh} she's basically my sista' from another mother. Love her.


  1. Sure, everyone can get a laugh at my I haven't been to your blog in a while. Also, my bloglines went a bit crazy. Yikes.

    Good for Spencer...he's a quick study. :)

  2. Yeah, we had an easy fix with our finger-sucker, too. I just had a little chat with her one day after Bible study, and bingo, she quit! Cold turkey. Who knew?

    I agree--Lara had better watch that Sophia! ; )


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