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We are huge playmobil fans around here. However, I don’t want anyone to think that you have to spend the big bucks to get that kind of fun. My kids just love the whole imginative play of it. Playmobile isn’t forcing you into a situation where Dora and Diego go on a safari. There are so many great simple sets that kids can have fun with. We also have a castle and a pirate ship that offer the same imaginative play. This time of year you’ll see knock-off sets in Walmart or Target — simple things — jungle safaris, polar explorers (we have been playing with our Playmobile Polar explorers all week), farms. Things where kids can pretend they’re in the situation and fun things they’d like to do when they’re hunting for dinosaur bones in the ice. Anyway, big fun. Do you guys have playmobile sets that you love?

In other news I made another (my second) bundt cake last night. It’s not my arch nemesis. The first one, it fell apart when I inverted it. This one got a weird hole in it and it sunk once it came out of the pan (but it did come out of the pan beautifully). My next crazy idea is to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving. From scratch. Go me. Anyone have a recipe they love?

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    No suggestions on apple pies, but if you go to my blog and look at yesterday’s entry, you’ll see a link for a crescent roll “pie” that is delicious! ; )

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    Is it horrible that I don’t even know what the heck a playmobile set is?

    We have many different types of Barbies and accessories. Does that count?

    For apple pie, I just do it without a recipe. Serious. This is one thing I make pretty well. I know it’s hard to believe…but pies were (are) always my job at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Core, skin and slice lots of small apples (the sourer the type the better), Mix with sugar and a little bit of flour. Stir it up…add more sugar if it needs to be more syrupy. Put into crust, slather the top of the apple mixture with butter and then put the top crust on. Yummy.

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