Friday, November 16, 2007

You people

All the people, wanting photos (coughcoughkent)... so I thought I'd take some of the stockings that are done.
The kids opted for an Elf look (the curled toe), Drew and I have the more mature regular stocking look {smirk}. Spencer chose the snowman jingle bells, and Conner has the Christmas lights one. They both adore them.... and they're growing on me, although the back sides aren't my favorite to look at...
In other news, Conner's home sick today. I am finding all the perks of not being pregnant like sucking down the airborne and popping a few sudafed. We just had about blowing our nose, if I hear much more sniffing I'll probably land in the funny farm (which most likely woudln't be that much differen then where I exist right now).


  1. Those are adorable! LOVE the Elf look, myself!

  2. Those are pretty darn cute and MarthaStewartish if I do say so. They definitely deserve to be filled with cool gifts from Santa.

  3. They're way cute! I LOVE the fabric and the elfin toes are perfect. :)

  4. Ok - I am looking real hard and can't find any flaws!! You are too hard on yourself. These are adorable. I want a big blanket of just the white fabric (looks super soft). How are you doing the names?


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