And So This Was Christmas

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Christmas has just whizzed by for me. I’m fairly sure it’s due to the deep cleaning and the extra shifts I’ve picked-up. I’m happy about both of those things (not so happy when I’m doing them but happy when they’re done). Yesterday we cleaned-up the playroom. I tried to keep most of the new toys out but some went into the storage so we can swap them next time. Big hits of the year were :

  • Zooreka
  • Piranha Panic
  • Superheros (duh)
  • Pixter (these were on super-clearance at Toys R Us, and while I realize they’re an “older” toy — Conner can’t get enough of his).

As for myself I got a palm pilot, a hair straightener (did straighten my hair this past week, sadly only my co-workers got to see it, and even then it was pulled-up), a fancy nutmeg grater, some new strainers (new, and desperately needed — these are the fancy kind that fold-down flat — always good for our little cottage). My parents got us a digital picture frame. I finally got some photos put in it last night and it’s actually very cool. We can get 2000 picutres in it, without using any additional memory. Very cool.

Anyway, that’s what’s big at our house right now. Today’s the day to take down the deocrations. BTW, the stockings have handled themselves well. I’m glad I have a little piece of me hanging on the wall. It will be nice when I end-up in the loony bin from cleaning-up superheros. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Awww, you had a great Christmas, except I don’t think I even know what a nutmeg grater is. I mean, I assume it grates nutmeg, but have never seen any gratable nutmeg in my life.

    I think I would love one of those digital photoframes. Sounds way cool, and since it’s so hard to print everything….great invention.

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