Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Good Blog Read

I like that blog anyway, but this was a particularly good read.
I think it's something all of us could think a little more about.
I send the kids to the bathroom alone (but together) before church sometimes, and while I'm not sure if that's a practice I will stop, it is something I will think about in the future.
Have your wards had talks about this? Ours hasn't had a single thing.


  1. Andrea2:05 PM

    I am the Primary President and a member of the Bishopric pulled be aside Sunday and told me about the story and told me of extra precautions that we would be taking. Our Bishopric all have young children!

  2. I did read that story when it was on CNN a few weeks ago and I mentioned it to the girls at scrapbooking since so many of them let their kids wander the building. It is scary.

  3. It does seem that people think their children are safe when they are at the church. I have seen very young children (really babies/toddlers) wandering the halls of the church with no parent in sight. It really is scary - especially with unlocked doors that just need a good push to get open!


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