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I have been a real loser in the reading arena lately. I tried “Wicked” — couldn’t get into it, I tried a couple before that and couldn’t get into them either. But, I just finished 19 Minutes by Jody Picolt. It was truly disturbing, but I love how she portrays a courtroom and how she can make you see different viewpoints so clearly. If you haven’t read something by her, give it a try (you can click on my good reads banner to see more books by her). Now I’m reading Naked by (I think) David Sedaris. So far it is also creeping me out. :)

This morning I was bemoaning how all my money went to the car and we weren’t saving enough, when low and behold the phone rings and it’s O’Connor seeing if I wanted to work. I did, and it all worked-out perfectly. I was still able to go shopping with a friend and do family stuff this evening. You can’t say that this happening time and time again for me is just a coincidence. I am truly blessed.

We went to the Crech exhibit tonight. I haven’t been for a few years. The kids and us loved it. They have nativity sets from all around the world. Not only can you get into Christmas, but you can appreciate art from all over the world. The kids got a kick out of how different they all were. Loved it, definately gettin’ me in the Christmas mood. I highly recommend it.

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    I couldn’t even get half way through Wicked either. I wanted to read it because the play has such rave reviews. But I found the author’s style of writing and descriptions crass in places, and the story line just seemed to drag and drag. Bleh.

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    Yeah, I’ve not even tried Wicked because I’ve heard nothing but blah reviews on the book. Whoever adapted it for stage was a genius, to get past all the boring stuff and make it amazing.

    I’ve heard good things about Piccoult, but haven’t read her. I’ll have to pick something up next time I go to the library.

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    I read 19 minutes… very sad… but I agree with you on the great writing. I’ve read one other of her books and enjoyed it as well. Don’t enjoy her language she uses but liked her writing.

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