It’s Beginning to Look….

It never snows in San Jose
So, Santa Don’t bring me a sleigh……..

Still no snow — thanks to Jimmy Osmond for the fine musical lyrics (even if the song says LA — I can take a bit of musical liberty, right?).

However, I’m starting to move into the swing of things. I don’t know why I’m still longing for home every time Christmas comes. We’ve lived in this area for over 6 years and we’ve only been home to Utah once (and one other time we went after Christmas). I obviously have my own children (which, frankly, on Christmas morning are much more fun then my parents are) and my own life. We have plenty of presents (sigh)… still, just hard. Every time I hear a lyric about how we’ll be home for Christmas I think to myself “no we won’t.” — but it’s just part of moving away from family. It’s also part of having our last trip almost demolished due to fog.

BUT, I’ve been thinking about the amazing things that are filling those spaces of “home” that I miss so much this time of year.
1. Our own traditions. We’ve started doing gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve — and while I have a hard time relinquishing perfection on them, it’s still very fun (blessings to the person who came-up with complete house kits — love them). We also watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street — I watched it when I was little, and it’s fun to pass that tradition onto the kids. We even let the kids open pajamas on Christmas eve, which is something I always wanted as a kid.
2. Amazing friends. We have a party tonight that we’ve been invited to, and we also have one tomorrow. Both with very dear friends. They are pretty much our family out here, I love them so much, and it’s nice to spend time with friends who have a similar longing for home as I do.
3. Decorations. I’m slowly coming into my own in this house about decorating and making it look as festive as humanly possible. I think next year I’m gonna work on some sort of fabric wreath for above the fire place, I Think that’d look fancy…. something that will hold-up to the abuse of being packed into our garage each year….
4. Our families. My mom always sends amazing gifts and we have a nice trip to them planned this summer. It’s nice to know that they support us and aren’t screaming at us for not coming home. Lessen the guilt. :)
5. Church. Yesterday was such a great day at church. It was a beautiful service (minus my own singing voice in the choir and my attempt at playing the flute in a G flat key). It was so nice to see the girls home from college. Love them, glad to sit with them in Relief Society. A reminder that the Savior will come to our home regardless of where it is. A good reminder.

So, in this festive Christmas time I need to keep these particular thoughts in my heart. Perhaps I should take down our little decoration that says “I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ — or I could repaint it and remind myself I’m always home for Christmas in my heart. Traditions and learning about love that I gathered there will always stay with me.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. says

    Merry Christmas Hilary. This time you year always makes me think of our family and our friends.

    My goal this holiday was to reconnect with some old friends. And my goal for the new year is to stay connected.

    We’re glad we know you.

    ps. Plus I always think of you when I am injured. :) And I thought of Drew in particular when I was in the hospital last Christmas Eve with kidney stones!

  2. says

    We must be riding the same wave length lately…I’m feeling the SAME way. Missing “home” even though I’ve been gone from there for what feels like forever, but feeling “home” here with my own kids and friends and feeling blessed for all that I have. I love your thought, “I’m always Home for Christmas in my heart”….

    Merry Christmas, Hilary! Thanks for being a friend.

  3. says

    You are home for Christmas…just not your childhood home. But you’re in your children’s childhood home and that means so much to them.

    Love your traditions. Hope you’re having fun doing them now. :)

  4. Amy @ says

    Merry Christmas, Hilary! I AM home at Christmas (because I live in my hometown), but I agree that your home is your children’s home now (what Lara said, only she said it better), and that’s better and more important.

    Have a happy, blessed day!

  5. says

    I’m missing “home” too… I keep thinking that I’ll get over it… I’ve gotten “used” to it… just not over it…

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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