Thursday, December 06, 2007

Me and Mitt

Heard a bit of Mitt's speech today, sadly it occured right at drop-off and I didn't have the semblance of mind to DVR it, but of what I heard it was a pretty good speech. I do think he's talking like President Monson kinda, but that's another blog for another day (entitled: How to Talk like a GA, or dress like a General Relief Society President).

I really feel for Mitt though, I have waffled on things myself.

Up til' about college I had strong feelings that a woman should be able to make her own choice. She had to deal with the pregnancy and the suffering and I didn't want the man to be able to control her in that way (aka, don't do the deed with them at all if you want control of your own body). But, then I think it was President Hunter who gave a talk saying that if we felt something was wrong, we should promote laws that make that act illegal. I have always felt abortion is wrong, I would hope most people feel that way. Hence, if it's truly wrong, it should be against the law.

So, I had a mind shift. I am adamantly Pro-Life now. I believe the woman made her choice when she opened her legs, prior to then she could have all the choices she wanted. Obviously, in cases where she didn't make her mind up -- incest or rape those are different decisions. Also, a mother who is unable to sustain her own life through a pregnancy is a matter which requires much though, and a possible abortion, although rare.

I think Mitt had a similar feeling, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I don't want a Hilary Clinton who one day wants 5000 dollar college bonds for babies born, and the next wants health care for everyone. It does seem as though Mr. Romney has thought out his waffling, and if we are a society that can't change our minds, we shouldn't have Costco. :)

Interesting to see what the punnets think about this speech. Very interesting indeedy.


  1. Aaron and I listen to the Michael Medved show on talk radio and he was very impressed with the address this morning. I'm 100% with you on the pro-choice stand. I have always explained my feeling in the same way....that the woman had a choice when she chose sex. I also see the exceptions that you listed. Man, this world is getting complicated!

  2. Honestly, I think it's sad that Mitt felt he needed to make such a speech in the first place. Our country was founded so that people could have religious freedom and everyone questioning whether or not he should be our President because of how he believes religiously is like a slap in the face to the founding fathers.

    His religion should be a non issue.

    That said, I thought he delivered a wonderful speech. He is an excellent public speaker (even if he sounds like Pres. Monson) and I think that will serve him well.

  3. Sigh. I only notice that I didn't comment as myself when the picture doesn't show up.

  4. I agree with you whole heartedly on the pro-life and the special circumstances and as far as the speech i have yet to hear him at all, I have been trying to follow the campaign but have not had the chance to sit and listen.

  5. Eliza5:28 PM

    You can watch the whole speech here;,7M7mVyZs1EGo5

    It was pretty good.


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