My name is Hilary and I’ve gained 2 pounds

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K, I’m working out WAY harder then I have in the past, I have been so sore a couple of days I haven’t worked-out, but I think that’s probably for the best.
I’m not snacking.
I’m trying to keep portions within limits.
I’ve gained 2 pounds.
Some thoughts I’ve had:
1. I’m not eating enough? I need to make some little baggies of veggies that I can pull out of the fridge and have a little snack on when necessary. Things like cucumbers, broccoli and carrots that I can have cut-up and ready at my disposal.
2. It’s that time of the month? Mine is so random who knows….
3. I should stop doing both and just become gluttonous.
4. Maybe I should start calorie counting again. I’m fairly sure of the calories that I’m consuming after I did it for the 4 months before… but maybe just do it a week and get a better idea of things. {sigh} It’s REALLY painful though, really REALLY painful.

Anyone else have any ideas? I have heard that when you start a new workout you’re gonna gain a few pounds at the beginning, and I’m fine but if I hit the old 200 again I’m gonna blow my lid. Really, I will.

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    My weight fluctuates quite a bit.
    Try drinking lots of water…I think I drink a lot and then am surprised when I start actually keeping track.
    You’re right, you might not be eating enough. but make sure you’re getting a good variety. Limit starches and go for more protein, fruits and veggies.
    You’re probably gaining muscle weight with your firm.
    Not a bad idea to count your calories again either, just to get an idea.
    I still think you should get yourself tested for PCOS. Seriously. By an endocrinologist. I swear you have a lot of the symptoms.

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    Dude, you need to come with me to boot camp! It would be so fun! On boot camp we use to count our calories and track what we’ve burned with exercise. I really liked that site a lot. I also lost quite a bit after we did our water flush on week 3. Try it out. If you want me to send you the stuff that we do at boot camp, I can. And I’ve also realized that it’s more about the lean muscle mass than weight. I also agree with Lara, you need to get some tests done. You sound like you’re working REALLY hard. You deserve some great results!

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    I agree with your girls…you’re doing everything right so maybe there’s some other reason the weight won’t budge. I did the FIRM and loved it, but if you are sore that means you ARE building muscle and of course that will weigh more. Hang in there!

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