Friday, December 28, 2007

No I'm in Charge

I've been working a lot -- it's just the old "I want my baby before the tax year is over" thing -- very fun for us {not}. Doctors are coming in, demanding inductions, demanding c-sections -- no real reasons... just 'cus. Even though there's no room at the inn.
It always seems to be a cat and mouse game of who's in charge. I realize it's the same game I play with my kids. They push me to my limit, I push them to theirs.
Really, in the end, no-one ends up having a good time.
And I'm just waiting for something bad to happen to take the extra money I made during the break. :) I'm sure it'll happen.
Go team.


  1. That's funny. Not ever having been due in January/December I can't relate.


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