Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Party on

Today's the last day of school.
Big fun.
Husband's home, C's home starting tomorrow....
Still trying to jumpstart my holiday spirit.
It'd be easier if we got a little snow (that didn't stick to the roads, becuase that would just plain be scary).
I don't see that happening.
Santa comes to our school here. I kinda think that's weird. A happy weird though. I'm grateful that a symbol of good can still come to the school.
BUT, today's the BIG annoucement -- and after MUCH groveling and perhaps a little greenbacks exchanged between Allison and the random # generator it looks as though she is the big winner.
So, email me what you're interested in, if you want photos (up to 3) added or if you just want some fancy patterning, etc.
Merry Christmas Pulling curls readers!


  1. HOOOORAY! I knew the groveling would help! I'll email you pronto! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. I wish today were the last day of school.

    Today, unfortunately, is only the beginning of the end.

    Today, the twins had book reports due -

    the dreaded book reports, which required a written report, an oral presentation, AND a project -

    which lucky me - this month -

    was a diorama - in which every FREAKIN thing had to be hand made - twice.

    So ask me tomorrow so spread some holiday cheer,

    but today, I can only say,


    Miss me Hilly?

  3. We go till Friday and it's seriously killing the Christmas spirit OFF.

    I can say the shopping's 95% done. Which is good. Wrapping almost finished.

    Just waiting for some good family togetherness time.


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