A Scary Christmas

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I got an email a while back reminding us that the Christmas season is up to us. We can’t be mad that retailers aren’t allowed to wish us Merry Christmas if we won’t wish it ourselves. We can’t be mad that city buildings don’t have nativities if we don’t have one of our own (and no, ours aren’t on our lawn), that kind of stuff. Which is true — change comes one person at a time.
So, my goal was to wish perfect strangers a Merry Christmas. And it’s scary here. There are SO many different nationalities, religions and strange-ness it’s impossible to know if you’re offending someone or not.
But, I thought to heck in it. I remember in A Christmas Eve on Sesame Street Mr. Hooper (who was Jewish) would wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and for those that knew him well also wished him a happy Hannukah, but he wasn’t offended when those wished him a Merry Christmas back. I mean, really we’re saying that we hope you’re having a good season, and what on earth is wrong with that?
So, I continue to say it, and I always feel weird afterwards. Each time I feel that way I want to push myself to say it more and MORE.
So, to my blog readers… MERRY CHRISTMAS, and if you celebrate Ramadon or Kwanza, feel free to wish me a happy one of those, because I won’t be offended in the slightest. :) Actually, I think I would be impressed that someone felt strongly enough about their beliefs to put themselves out there, that’s so rare anymore.
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    I agree. I say Merry Christmas, instead of Happy Holidays. If someone is offended by it, then that is their problem. I know I am not offended when someone says Happy Hannakah or Kwanza or whatever. Its a friendly greeting. Stupid liberals and the PC crap! Anyway…Merry Christmas!!

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