Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some info for my peeps

I try and check my gmail spam box once a week, you know -- just in case.
Lo and behold, I had 8 legit emails in there, I hadn't had any for MONTHS. Anyway, you might want to check your spam box for you gmail users out there.
Also, I hae a friend who opened an etsy shop, she makes lead-free blocks, and they look better then the ones I bought at Toys R Us (and most likely have lead in them). Have you guys been to etsy? I love to peruse the shops, but I thought I'd give the link in case someone was interested.


  1. Thanks for the gmail info. I found 3 good ones...all from the same friend.

  2. Hi Hilary!
    Guess who learned how to comment? Yahoo!! Anyway, here's the link to the train that is the most adorable thing ever. I bought one for my son and it is BEAUTIFUL! I just love handmade, good quality, safe stuff.


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