Stealing Traditions

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Drew and I have spent many a Christmas on our own. Truth be told, Drew has also spent a few Christmases on his own — being that nurses have to work holidays (I’ll be putting my own time in on New Years this year).
So, we’re slowly building an arsenal of traditions. My mom always says that traditions often happen when you least expect them, and while I believe that’s true I’d also like to expect some — so I’ve been reading people’s blogs with a great deal of interest this Christmas. My kids are definately at an age where they both remember — they expect things to happen.
Don’t feel like we do nothing, we’ve done a lot of stuff each year.

  • We go to the temple for their dance concert, to look at the lights, and then we eat at Fudrucker’s on the way home.
  • We go to Bethelehem at our local Baptist Church
  • The ward Christmas party
  • Orange Rolls on Christmas morning with tiny sausages
  • Mom making sure no one opens too many packages on Christmas day so that we can haul the Christmas spirit well into the new year.
  • Deep cleaning — yes, it’s a tradition, one that Drew is not so fond of, actually.

Somehow I feel like there should be more, but I realize our little family is only 10 years old, and it took my parents years to build up traditions other then yelling at each other while we decorated the tree. So, anyway Merry Christmas (my 2nd batch of the muffins below is due out of the oven any minute, so I must go).
I’m thinking about making these for our New Years Party tonight (so if I never blog again, I think we’ll all realize it was a heart attack).

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Merry Christmas!
The Best Dang Muffins


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    Hey – catchng up on your blog. Do you realizre you use the term deep clean I think 4 times!! It’s really making me feel quite guilty! 😛 I am cleaning but I am sure not to nurse’s standards. That’s all I feel like I am doing with the kids out and home and Matt not working and at home too! When does school start again?!

  2. says

    I made those bacon thingies from Ree’s blog (Pioneer Woman–I feel like I know her!) for Christmas, and they were declared a huge hit. In fact, I think I only ate two combined out of both of the batches I made. Be warned that a pound of bacon doesn’t make very many, though. However, as you point out, you really don’t need many to get your fat and cholesterol quota for the year.

    Happy New Year!

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